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We will ensure our faith is relevant and relates to everyday life.


Our Patron Saint

Marie Francoise Therese Martin was born on January 2, 1873 in a simple house on the Rue de Saint Blaise, Alenon, Normandy, France.  

She lived the life of a normal child and entered the Carmel of Lisieux in 1889 when she was 15 years old.  As Sister Therese of the Child Jesus, she lived a hidden life.  She was just twenty-four when she died on September 30, 1897 and canonized a saint in 1925.  The world came to know her through her autobiography, 'The Story of A Soul'.  

She described her life as 'a little way of spiritual childhood'.  She lived each day with unshakable confidence in God’s love.  What matters in life is 'not great deeds, but great love'.  'My mission - to make God loved - will begin after my death,' she said. 'I will spend my heaven doing good on earth.  I will let fall a shower of roses.'  

Countless lives have been touched by her intercession, and thousands have imitated her 'Little Way.' She has been acclaimed the 'greatest saint of modern times.'  Everywhere in the world the roses continue to fall. 

The portrait of St. Therese (above left) by her sister, Celine, is considered the most authentic representation of the Saint ever done.  The original is in Darien, Ill.  Theresa was not a great healer or miracle worker, but a woman who was faithful to her everyday chores to a heroic degree. 

St. Therese chose for her motto the well known words of St. John of the Cross: "Love is repaid by love alone."  Not only did she take these words as her motto, but Therese lived them throughout her life. 

The holy Nun lived her life of fidelity to her duties in what she called her 'Little Way'. The 'Little Way' is that of childhood simplicity and trust in the heavenly Father and a life in union with the suffering Christ.  As St. Paul wrote, 'We make up in our bodies, what was lacking in the sufferings of Christ.' 

St. Therese was faithful in offering her sufferings in union with Christ.  The Saints greatest work was her untiring prayer and suffering for Priests.  As a young nun she desired to be a missionary and when she could not, she became a missionary by offering prayers for the works of mission priests.

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Our History


A wonderful book, Parish with a Mission, documenting the history of the Parish from 1940 to 2005, has been published by Geoff Pryor RIP.  The book identifies key developments in the parish and also has some old photos and stories.

You can download the book in PDF format. Enjoy!




St Therese of Lisieux