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Teams Movement


To assist develop couple spirituality, provide mutual support among couples and help in the ongoing growth of couples

The Teams movement began in France in 1939 after a number of young Catholic couples asked a priest to assist them in living their love in the light of Christina faith. The movement now operated worldwide. It was introduced into New Zealand in 1995 and into St Theresa’s in Plimmerton in 1995.

Teams help married people develop couple spirituality through practices compatible with the busy lives they lead today. They provide an opportunity for couples to find balance in their lives for personal growth and growth as a couple.

Monthly meetings are central to Teams life and occasions for mutual support.

Couples are encouraged through the movement to read Scripture regularly, pray together as couple and a family, and establish regular times to sit down and talk openly as they reflect on their growth as a couple.

More information is available on the organisation’s website


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