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Passionist Family Group


To be a family for all

Passionist Family Groups began in St Theresa’s in 2003. They take their name from a religious order of priests who in Australia began the movement which has since been introduced in to the life of Catholic parishes in New Zealand including St Theresa’s Plimmerton. 

The parish has a number of groups operating in the parish that involve a diversity of parishioners and their families.

The major aim is to encourage parishioners to get to know each other and for a sense of belonging care and support to be felt by each member of our parish community. The groups aim to meet monthly for an activity such as picnics, barbecues, games nights, walks, pot luck dinners etc.

Groups are made up of families, singles, young, elderly.

Activities are either “no cost” or “low cost”.

Our Mission/Motto is “A Family For All” which means no one is excluded. Whatever a person’s faith tradition, or if someone is “just looking” they are very welcome!


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