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  1. Haere, tukuna… ki ō tāua whanaungatanga Karaitiana

Go, you are sent to fellow Christians

              2017 Synod Directions and Priorities for the Archdiocese of Wellington


  1. The Archdiocese and parishes actively promote more interaction and partnership with other churches, particularly in action on social issues and joint worship.
  2. Parishes familiarise themselves with the “Napier Covenant” (see below) with a view to implementing it in their local area.
  3. The Archdiocese engages in listening to interchurch couples to draw on their experience and address their needs.


2017 Synod Practical Actions

Create (or continue) shared youth groups of all people of faith in the neighbourhood.

Take every opportunity to invite to/attend one another’s events, and share information.

Have shared events on neutral territory eg picnics BBQs.

Provide words for prayers and songs for (at least) weddings and funerals.

Representatives of all Christian faiths in an area have discussions to seek formal arrangements for cooperation – could be started by monthly meetings of the ministers of Christian denominations.

Ways for interaction and partnership - shared liturgies and key events, Scripture studies and prayer groups, service ministries eg ministry to seafarers (works well as combined churches), food banks, lunches for elderly, social actions.



Believing that God is One, and there is one Lord, one faith, one baptism; that God calls us to be one in Jesus Christ by the power which the Holy Spirit gives; that we are called to hold together the rich variety of our heritage and of our ways of worship within the one Body; that we are called to venture together in work and witness for Christ, and to commit ourselves to each other and to serve our Church and our City, as we celebrate the presence of God working amongst us to make all things new.


We Covenant together for a further five years (2014-2018) to do together all that we can, and not to do apart what we should do together, and to continue to work and pray for the reconciliation and unity of the whole Church in our Land, and throughout the World.

We declare that this Covenant in no way weakens our ties and responsibilities to our individual denominations.





“Let’s leave it to the theologians to study the things that are abstract. Everyone else in the church should be asking how they can relate to other Christians as brothers and sisters…… Be open, be a friend... walk together, pray for each other, and do works of charity together when you can. This is ecumenism.[Pope Francis’ visit to Georgia - 2016]



Our parish is ecumenical in its outreach

How does our Parish

We do the following


...witness to our shared commitment to Christ and the coming of Christ’s kingdom? Eg. have an annual programme of shared events,

know and have a relationship with all churches in the area; mark the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity



…work with other churches as the need or opportunity arise?

Eg. combined ecumenical services, use of church by

different faith denominations



…implement the ‘Napier Covenant’ in our area?



… continue to explore opportunities for common worship and discipleship and service to the community?

Eg …community gardens, food banks, advocating for the vulnerable, homeless, disenfranchised in our






To the extent our parish collaborates with fellow Christians:


What are the TWO main strengths of our parish?




What are the TWO things our parish could do better?





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