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Parish Leadership team


Parish Leadership Team

Minutes of meeting Wednesday 24 Oct 2018


Opening Prayer/Reflection


Present: Fr Maurice, Audrey Hinder, Geoff Shirkey, Jocelyn Bryant, Dennis Gibbs

Apologies: Grant Baker, Donna McDonald, Daniel Blank


Minutes from the previous meeting were agreed upon.  Matter arising

  1. Synod:  Fr Maurice advised that for the past five weeks  we have included a synod topic in the newsletter as part of the Parish self-review.  This will continue till we have covered the 13 topics.  So far, we have received only three responses.   This part of the process will finish just before Christmas and in the new year we will call for a Parish meeting to discuss the future and focus of the Parish.
  2. Meetings of PLT:  It was agreed by the committee that we need to meet every six weeks and Jocelyn is to send dates for next year out to members – first meeting Thurs 14 Feb.  It was discussed and agreed it is very important that everyone attends these meetings and if they are unable to attend, then a representative of that group needs to come for them.  This needs to be a hands-on working group of the Parish for it to work effectively.  Fr to invite people from groups as he sees necessary – depending on what is happening in the Parish.


Reports from Groups


Sacramental Programme:  The 2018 programme has finished and the feedback from parents was very positive.  Fr Maurice has found some new resources from Brisbane which he presented to the committee.  The committee agreed that the part in this resource relating to a diary for the parents was excellent and Jocelyn and Father Maurice are to compare the Brisbane programme to our one and in corporate new parts into ours for next year.  Fr Maurice advised that he liked the way Brisbane did their Sacramental programme with Confirmation for children who turn 8 in that year, Communion for children that turn 9 in that year and Reconciliation for children who turn 10 in that year.  However, we have to follow the guidelines of the Wellington ADW so the three Sacraments will continue to be given in a year.  Fr Maurice advised that next year children who are in the same year of class will be able to do this programme.


RCIA – We thanked Geoff and Louise Shirkey for the time they had given this Ministry and a discussion was had on who we could tap on the shoulder to take over this.  Ideas were Ange & Phil Reiher, Sharon & Matthew O’Meagher, Neroli Lyne.  This programme should start in December and end at Easter – around 16 weeks commitment.  There is training available from Jo Green (ADW) and it was agreed that Fr Maurice should ask these people. 


Rest Home Ministry:Fr Maurice advised that this is going very well with Jenny Williamson, Gary Calderwood and Mandy Keen going to Whitby Rest home for visits and Jenny Williamson, Margaret Baker, Margaret George and Bernice Dawson going to Harbourview Rest home for Eucharist or Liturgy and Communion.






Dennis Gibbs – Resource Committee



Audrey Hinder – Liturgy


Audrey asked Jocelyn to get 4 copies of the booklet “Creating welcoming churches” so these can be made available to Parishioners.We would encourage their feedback and then do an accessibility check list of what we need to do to improve things in our Parish.This might include audio, visual and physical elements.We will need to advertise when these books are available for Parishioners to read and give their feedback.



Donna – School



Geoff –SVDP, Sacristan



Daniel – Baptismal Team




Safeguarding and Vetting



Formation of Ministries



Father will continue to meet with the Baptismal team

Music will continue to support each other.


There should be a blessing of recommitment done once a year.


Time & Talent





  1. Jocelyn send out dates for next year’s meetings.
  2. Fr Maurice – to ask people about running the RCIA programme
  3. Jocelyn – send out invitations to Remembrance mass
  4. Baptismal team – organise BBQ
  5. Jocelyn – chase up David Powick
  6. Jocelyn – get booklets “Creating welcoming Parishes”
  7. Jocelyn – get wholemeal hosts


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