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Care For Creation Series


Our goal was to bring our Plimmerton/Mana community together to learn, discuss and develop a local Christian church led solution to the challenges connected with climate change. The solutions would be rooted in our shared Christian values and teachings. We recognise that the core must be a grass-roots response committed to change. Serious and urgent action is necessary at every level.

We wanted people to understand the messages from Laudato Si – the encyclical by Pope Francis who wants us to do a lot more to show how much we care for the gift of creation. He explains how it is our duty to care for all of creation. He calls this integral ecology.

You can read Pope Francis’ letter to the world here:


Better Stewardship

The first evening had Professor Martin Manning as our distinguished guest speaker who delivered a challenging talk on the effects of climate change and how we must now to avert ecological destruction of a massive scale.


Everything is connected

This was followed by the second session led by Catherine Gibbs, an educator and social justice advocate who used key messages on caring for our common home from Pope Francis’ letter on ecology to the people of the world.


How can we make a difference locally?

On 21 March, Councillor Barbara Donaldson provided some local context. She was the Deputy Chair of the Greater Wellington Council and Chair of the Sustainable Transport and Regional Transport committees. She served on several local committees linked to our Porirua harbor and environs.


A range of opportunities to care for creation

Six months later we held a fourth session. This included 6 speakers who presented a range of opportunities we each have for caring for creation. The speakers were: Mark Neeson, Chair of the Porirua Harbour Trust; Laurie Smith, member and guide for Friends of Mana Is; Leo Smith, Director of Nature School NZ Trust; Judy McKoy Co-chair of the Friends of the Taupo Swamp; Helen Reilly, secretary of the Guardians of the Inlet; Catherine Gibbs, on the Archdiocesan integral ecology committee (All pictured here.) The entire series was expertly facilitated by parishioner Dr David Keane.

Where to now?

In 2020 a group of interested parishioners plan to meet up with other like-minded people from other parishes to share ideas and support each other as we face the challenges together.

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