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2022 Annual report


St Theresa’s Parish Annual Results for 2021/22

It is with great pleasure that I present to you the Annual Results for the Parish for the 2021/22 year which concluded on 31 March 2022.

This year continued to be plagued by the COVID 19 pandemic with the church in lockdown for some of the period, and other periods with numbers restricted at Masses, social distancing, mask restrictions and mandates. We did provide separate Masses for vaccinated and non vaccinated people being one of the few parishes that provided these services.

It was pleasing to see that with the majority of our planned giving contributed through electronic means our planned giving income was not significantly impacted, although it did impact on our other income.

A special thanks to all of our parishioners for continuing to support the work of the parish during the year in what was trying times and to the numerous volunteers that donate their talents and time to achieve the outcomes that we deliver on.

A summary of our expenditure and income is included below along with a summary of our assets and reserves. For 2021/22 we made a small surplus of $2,467 compared with a surplus of $34,500 the previous year and a surplus of $16,000 in 2019. This was achieved primarily through a slowing down on maintenance on all of our buildings through the COVID period.

We rely on the generosity of you our parishioners for our income and while the Resource Committee is currently refurbishing the upstairs Presbytery with the intent of bringing it up to accommodation standards so that we can generate future revenue streams it is your contributions which really count. I would encourage all parishioners that are part of the planned giving programme to consider an increase in contribution, if at all possible, in the years ahead so that we can plan for any major expenditure required on our buildings in the next five years such as replacing the church roof.

A special thanks to the members of the Resource Committee Ted Wypych, Dennis Gibbs, Paul Kerr, Kelly Ross, Jocelyn Bryant, and Father Andrew for their stewardship during the year. Grant Baker, Chairperson – St Theresa’s Resource Committee.  

Grant Baker, Chairperson - St Theresa's Resource Committee




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